Tell the DPT they're being watched
Erroneous Tickets

All About DPT Watch

The Premise

This is a grassroots attempt to fight corruption and complacency within the San Francisco DPT (Department of Parking and Traffic, a division of the SFMTA). We are collecting badge numbers and stories to watch for patterns. We are providing public access to some of the vital non-identifying information, for greater public understanding, and also to help fight unfair tickets and citations.

Whether you choose to contest and fight the citation, or you choose to simply pay it and keep the day of your life, please submit your citation information into our database to help stop this in the future.

The Rules

Bogus submissions may be removed. Every submission that isn't fully justified only serves to dilute the cause. People should be able to use these records when contesting traffic tickets, or even in court.

Your Information

The only information of yours that will be shared with anyone (without your permission) is what is plainly visible on the site. Take a look at "The List" section up above to get a sample of what that looks like. There is nothing that should personally identify you. We do insist on some contact information in the event that we need to contact you for permission to use your information.

If someone is trying to fight a ticket and they need access to citation numbers to show that a meter maid has been handing out tickets without just cause, I will provide them with that information, if you allow it. If the DPT wants information on their staff because they're getting a lot of complaints, I will provide that information, if you allow it.


Requests for records, comments, feature requests, question, and complaints can go to Thank you very much for participating!

My Own Story

In mid-February of 2011, I walked out to my motorcycle after a meeting in downtown San Francisco. It was a cold and wet evening, and I was tired and ready to go home. And there it was, a parking ticket, for a meter that I knew I had paid. I read the ticket and it clearly said that it was a parking meter violation. How could this be? I had paid the meter until 6PM, until it reported "Free Parking Ahead". As my motorcycle was warming up and I was beginning to second guess myself (maybe somehow I had put money in the wrong meter?) I noticed the two other motorcycles next to me had tickets as well. I became very curious, and left a note for both of the owners to see if they were in a similar situation.

The very next morning I received a text message from another fellow who had paid his meter and received a ticket as well. We were both tremendously annoyed. But much more than annoyed, I knew that we were powerless. I knew that if I were to fight the ticket, with no evidence, other than telling the judge "I paid the meter", I would simply be wasting a day of my life. Just the same I thought it was the right thing to do. As I considered it in conversation with a friend, he told me quite simply "The DPT does not lose. It has no feelings, and it always laughs last". I knew he was right.

Once I let it sink in a bit, I began to wonder just how often people are put in that same situation. Faced with either sucking it up, or wasting hours of their life. I can only hope that if enough people contribute the DPT will pay attention.

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